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Everything True Crime, Creative Writing, and Star Wars.

Written by S.L. Porridge

  • Leia and Han

    I have decided that there are two types of people, the “I love you people” and the “I know” people. This scene between Hand and Leia from the Empire Strikes Back was obviously iconic at the time and still is to this day for a reason. I personally, always felt something was a bit off […]

  • Cain’s Jawbone II

    More Cain’s Jawbone Updates! I have been working on it A LOT because it’s really fun. It’s crazy how fast time goes when I’m going down the rabbit holes it leads me to. Some of the most notable discoveries I (think) have uncovered are that John, May, Alexander, Jasmine, Clement, and Henry the dog are […]

  • Why are we interested in this???

    The human mind is a weird thing. I’ve always wondered what makes so many of us fascinated by murder, serial killers, and just all the horrifying and upsetting things. Part of popular culture seems to revolve around the morbid with horror movies, crime TV shows, and true crime documentaries. Why do we get some sort […]

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